The Company
The Company Flota Logistic Ltd was established in 2003 as a company whose activities concerned mainly the mass sale of oils and vegetable fats. Focusing mainly on food industry, we currently specialize in wholesale of oils as well as specialist palm fats. Our final clients are above all food manufacturers as well as production plants with various production profiles, where vegetable oil and fats are one of the main components necessary for the production of the final product. Apart from food industry we also supply to technical industry as well as feedstuff industry, where vegetable oils are used in the final product.

As a distributor of oils, not only do we co-operate with all the domestic producers on a daily basis but we also have established suppliers abroad, both in the east and west. Our co-operation with a wide range of producers and importers of goods guarantees that the vegetable oils offered by our company are highest quality which is supported by proper specifications. The car fleet used for the deliveries to our clients are highly-specialized transportation companies whose tanker lorries are adapted to transporting food products and hold appropriate certificates each time.

Operating mainly on the domestic market, we have observed in recent years a constant development and growth of sales of the oils and palm fats which we offer. Working according to high standards, our company prides itself on the impeccable reputation among our clients, which considerably contributed to its dynamic growth. The interest of our clients has always been our top priority. We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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Our Partners
Apart from the companies which we co-operate with on a daily basis i.e. oils and fats manufacturers as well as the companies providing transportation services, Flota Logistic Ltd would like to emphasize the co-operation with PHU Zoltar Roman Pasoń located in Zabrze.

PHU Zoltar Roman Pasoń is a partner company which is also an agent of Flota Logistic Ltd. Both companies co-operate closely with each other in the realization of the deliveries to the same clients. Owing to the close business relation, we are able to achieve our goals and successes together which, in consequence, is reflected in the constant increase in the sales volume of oils and fats.

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