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The Offer ▪ Crude rapeseed oil
▪ Refined rapeseed oil
▪ Crude soya oil
▪ Refined soya oil
▪ Crude sunflower oil
▪ Refined sunflower oil
▪ Refined palm oil

▪ Refined rapeseed oil PLTP 1000 L

Delivery options

The operations of Flota Logistic Ltd are based on various options of delivery which depends on the destination and the client's requirements. Usually the deliveries are bulk truckloads in the amounts from 8 to 25 tons each time. Oil and vegetable fat are delivered from the manufacturer directly to the final customer. Such a method of delivery guarantees the clients high and stable quality of the purchased goods. Every delivery has a full and appropriate quality and sales documentation. We deliver the oils and vegetable fats using our own road transportation. However, it is possible to use the client's transportation for the delivery.

Another transportation option is the delivery of refined rapeseed oil in pallet containers with the capacity of 1000 litres. The pallet containers are the property of Flota Logistic Ltd. Therefore, the clients do not need to invest their own resources into packaging and its sanitation. We deliver the oil using our own transportation. Nevertheless, it is possible to pick up from our warehouse the goods using the client's own transportation.

Refined fats and palm oleins are usually delivered using our own means of transportation. Apart from the bulk truckloads, we also realize smaller deliveries. These are deliveries in 20kg blocks packed in cartons on Euro pallets or buckets. The means of transportation used for this purpose are refrigerated cars adapted to the transportation of foodstuff.
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Crude rapeseed oil
Obtained by crushing rapeseed. Its application varies from feedstuff industry, an additive in the production of multiple industrial oils, manufacturing biocomponents to the use as a basic component in the production of refined rapeseed oil.

Refined rapeseed oil
Procured from refining of crude rapeseed oil. The refining process gives the product proper specifications, for instance, it removes the colouring, improves the smell and increases the shelf-life. Its final application is in food manufacturing as well as in ready food products. On a daily basis, it is used for frying, stir-frying as well as an ingredient in salads.

Crude soya oil
Obtained by crushing soybean. Rich in lecithin, vitamin E, linoleic acid, it also contains as much as 30-50% of protein, which, in comparison with other oils, is a very big amount. Apart from important applications in people's everyday life, it is also used in the feedstuff industry.

Refined soya oil
Procured from refining of crude soya oil. Used in food, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Crude sunflower oil
Obtained by crushing sunflower seeds. It is used in food industry as well as an additive to feedstuff. It is the basic ingredient in the production of refined sunflower oil.

Refined sunflower oil
Vegetable oil for food industry obtained from the seeds of an oil plant - the sunflower. Procured from refining of crude sunflower oil. Its final application is among others in food industry as an additive in the production of butter products. Used for frying, stir-frying, cooking and salads.

Refined palm oil
Procured from refining of crude palm oil. In room temperature it has the consistency of thick soft butter with neutral and light smell. Refined palm oil is used in food industry as an additive in the production of margarine, confectionery glaze and baking. It is also used for the production of soap, cosmetics, candles and lubricants. Perfect for frying and stir-frying.